School Council

Hello we are your school council.  It’s our job to be the voice of the children at Holtsmere!  This term we have started working with Mrs Hawker and Mrs McGuigan to improve our learning environment around the school. 

 Together we are going to raise money for Children in Need by getting everyone to dress up in spots.  We will also be organising the annual amazing Holtsmere’s Got Talent end of term show.

 Remember you can talk to any of our members if you have any problems or suggestions.

 Thank you for all your support this term!


The School Council

Year 6

Hi I’m Keris, my aim being a school councillor is to help Holtsmere End support different charities because I love dressing up for things like Children in Need. I think I will learn a lot being on the school council and look forward to having new skills that I can take with me into Y7.

My name is Jaszminn, I am a new school council member. I wanted to be part of the team because I want to inspire the other children and help them to achieve goals. I enjoy going to the meetings and being part of the decision making. I hope I flourish well here.

Hi I’m Megan and in Y6, this is my second year being a school councillor I have learnt a lot of different things and had fun being part of the school council, I am having the best time ever in this school. I think everyone should have a go at being a councillor its great.

Hello I am Sam, Like Megan this is also my second year, I had fun last year and was very busy. I hope this year it will be the same.

Year 5

My name is Max, I am happy my class thought I would be good at being a voice for them. I will work hard this year to make everyone proud of me.

Hello I am Leia, I am in Y5. I like making the posters to put on the display board to tell the school what we are doing.

Year 4

My name is Faatimah, I’m in Y4. This is my first time being a school councillor in the juniors. My hobbies are reading, writing stories and drawing. I am looking forward to bringing new ideas to the rest of the council and take part in the planning of activities around the school. I’m glad my class chose me to be their spokesperson.

Hi from me, Storm. I am in Y4 and excited to be at meetings every week, We do lots of cool stuff that helps the school and other people.

Year 3

Hello my name is Rose, I have been wanting to be in the school council team for a long time. I am very happy my class picked me to be a councillor in the juniors. I love football and cheerleading and I have a dog called Hank.

My name is Myles, I am in Y3 and like the school council. It is good when we have to count the golden tokens because we get to see who has won before anyone else and we keep it a secret until assembly!