Eco Committee

We are Bella, Pippa, Israa, Alisha, Thomas, Grace, Abbey and Mayson, we are the Eco Committee.

We meet every week and do things like growing fruit and vegetables in our allotment and bio-dome. We also learn about eco matters and how we can recycle as much as we can to reduce waste. Sometimes we get very dirty hands and other times we get to see frogs and insects in the wildlife area. So far, we have reached the final Level 5 with the RHS Schools Gardening Awards.  Our aim this year is to become self-sufficient by growing and selling our vegetables to our school community.  Every week we do different things and take part in assemblies to inform the rest of the school about our projects and progress.

Digital Leaders

Hello, we are Shane, Gloria, Emma, Hristian, Christopher, Tutu, Enzo and Jessie.

We are the Digital Leaders for our school.  Being a digital leader is a very exciting role to have, we get to learn about new digital platforms and all about how to stay safe online.  We then feed back to our classes what we have learnt so that everyone in our school is aware about online safety.