Year 6 Mrs Deacon

Year 6 Mrs Deacon – Summer Term

Ispirational People Writing


Algebra: we learnt how to use algebra this term and solved an algebra puzzle all to do with Triangular numbers. The children used their maths skills of drawing pictorial representations, linking their knowledge, using their vocabulary and explaining their ideas to solve the problem.

Trips: this term the children have been to Harry Potter World, had a WW2 workshop come into school, and been to Young Voices. Young Voices gave the children the opportunity to perform in the largest school choir at the O2 arena in London and the children sang their hearts out and had a fantastic time.

Summer Term:

Central America and the Equator: Year 6 learnt all about the equator in Topic and how this affects the temperature and climate in Central America. We made our information scripts into Chatterpix videos. See two examples of our work below.